Why Single Mothers Are The WORST Cancer MGTOW

Why Single Mothers Are The WORST Cancer MGTOW


Single mothers, mums, moms or whatever you want to call them are the worst cancer out there as far as parents go.

Hey guys so the next video is sponsored by Adam and he came across this story about a fat disgusting single mom who is literally promoting child abuse of her little boy by letting that fat kid eat his way into Type 2 Diabetes, obstructive sleep apnoea that will lead to an enlarged heart and a certainly an early death.

I have to warn you, the next story will make your blood boil at the disgusting child neglect by this bad single mother. It will also show you how so many lazy single mothers get away with promoting a lifestyle that make their children sick and unfit for the real world.

Children raised by single mums are sick, mentally and physically.

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