What is BETA MALE? What does BETA MALE mean? BETA MALE meaning, definition & explanation

What is BETA MALE? What does BETA MALE mean? BETA MALE meaning – BETA MALE definition – BETA MALE explanation.

Source: Wikipedia.org article, adapted under https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/ license.

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Beta male, or simply beta, is a term for men perceived as weak and emasculated. The term has been frequently used in the manosphere and was later adopted by alt-right activists who question feminist views on gender roles, masculinity and manhood. Beta frequently applies to men who are associated with feminism or men who are not assertive, particularly with women. Andrew Marantz wrote for the New Yorker that conspiracy theorist and blogger Mike Cernovich believes that his opponents were “beta males, losers, or ‘cucks’?—?alt-right slang for ‘cuckolds'”. The Huffington Post columnist, Benjamin Davis, wrote that the “Caucasian male … had to play the role of beta male to Obama’s alpha male for eight long years”. Tracy Clark-Flory, in Salon, wrote she prefers, instead of “beta”, to call it “sensitivity, emotional intelligence, and peacemaking”.

Beta males have become an onscreen archetype of a villain and also have been portrayed on shows such as Broadchurch.

The term was used almost solely in animal ethology prior to the 1990s, particularly in regard to mating privileges with females, ability to hold territory and hierarchy in terms of food consumption within their herd or flock. Using the term “alpha” and “beta” in reference to humans originated in the mid to late 1990s after media outlets introduced the term. A 1996 article in USA Today wrote “take a powder, sensitive guy”. An Esquire article mentioned the term saying “alpha males were putting the ‘man’ back in manhood”. In 1999, Naomi Wolf, political advisor of Al Gore and Bill Clinton, according to Time “has argued internally that Gore is a ‘Beta male’ who needs to take on the ‘Alpha male’ in the Oval Office before the public will see him as the top dog”.


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