Ultimate Alpha Male – Masculinity and Virility – Subliminal Affirmations

Want to become an ultimate alpha male? These subliminal affirmations use the power of your subconscious mind to completely transform you into the epitome of masculinity and virility.

This video was created by request to be similar to my “Become an Alpha Male – Be Like Daniel Craig as James Bond” video, but without the James Bond or Daniel Craig affirmations. This also includes some additional affirmations you might enjoy.

Listen at least twice a day until you get your desired results. Headphones are optional. You are responsible for yourself. Use at your own risk.

Affirmations –

I am a strong confident alpha male.

I have an aura of supernatural confidence.

I have an aura of supernatural masculinity.

I have massive amounts of charm and charisma.

I am full of confidence and self-assurance.

I am a powerful leader with a respectable strong presence.

I have irresistible sex appeal and personal magnetism.

Men respect me and women desire me.

I am irresistibly sexually magnetic and attractive to women.

I have a strong attractive masculine body.

I am extremely masculine and virile.

I am the epitome of masculinity and virility.

My posture is strong confident and masculine.

I have a sexy magnetic voice that is irresistibly persuasive.

My masculine voice is impressive and attractive.

I have a magnetic gaze that instantly draws any woman to me.

I have enhanced alpha male qualities.

My body language radiates confidence and sex appeal.

My body language is strong masculine and extremely attractive.

My walk radiates power confidence and invincibility.

I have an extremely attractive masculine walk.

I am now becoming the most attractive version of myself.

I am incredibly desirable to women.

I attract immense amounts of sexual desire from women.

Beautiful women crave my touch and attention.

Women desire me as soon as they see me.

Women are instantly attracted to me at first glance.

Women instantly become infatuated with me at first glance.

I easily attract and seduce any women I desire.

I have astounding natural seduction techniques.

I instinctively and naturally seduce any woman I want.

My seduction skills are instinctive and effortless.

I always intuitively know when a woman is attracted to me.

I produce extremely powerful pheromones that easily attract women to me.

I radiate an aura of approachability.

I have smiling eyes that attract beneficial attention.

I am now filled with energy and ambition.

I am always successful in all my endeavors and goals.

I have perfect health and vitality.

I am incredibly lucky and always get what I want.

I always have the money and wealth to do what I desire.

I have the strength to overcome anything.

My hair grows in thick full and extremely attractive.

Any receded hair now restores and regrows.

Any lost hair is quickly and fully restored to perfection.

My hair is incredibly masculine and handsome.

I have an incredibly attractive masculine body.

Women are instantly attracted to my body when they see me.

I have an incredibly attractive masculine face.

Women are instantly attracted to my face when they see me.

My body is remarkably strong and lean.

My bone structure is now becoming extremely masculine.

My bone structure is supremely strong and masculine.

My muscular structure is now becoming extremely masculine.

My muscular structure is phenomenally strong and masculine.

My body is incredibly attractive and seductive.

I enjoy working out to improve my body and make it even better.

I now remove any and all excess fat from my body.

Women love to admire and touch my body.

Women become aroused when they think about me.

I am an irresistible natural seducer of women.

I am a natural leader and can easily lead any group.

People look to me for guidance and leadership.

I become more attractive every time I listen to these affirmations.

I become more masculine every time I listen to these affirmations.

Plus all the affirmations as “you” and “your” statements.

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