Top 10 Things that Prove Women are Superior to Men

Top 10 Things that Prove Women are Superior to Men

When I was first asked to write an article on odd ways the fairer sex has an advantage over men, I hesitated because the subject of gender differences is often rather explosive online, and I’m not exactly the most serious person out there anyway.

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10. Women Almost Never Get Struck by Lightning

9. Women are Better at Noticing They’re Unhealthy During Middle-Age

8. Women are Way More Likely to Hit Age 100 Than Men

7. Women are Less Likely to Compromise Their Views at Work

6. Women are More Likely to Stray (and Flourish) Outside of Their Career Comfort Zone

5. Women Blog More

4. Women are More Likely to Pursue — and Stick with — College

3. Women Can See More Colors than Men

2. Women are Better Able to Understand and Accept Climate Change

1. Women Recycle More

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