Theory of Male Dominance: Patriarchy, Male attainment and Male dominance

Theory of Male Dominance: There is universality of the institutions in society, patriarchy; males occupy the overwhelming numbers of upper hierarchical positions, male attainment; the association of high status roles and male dominance; the association of dominance in male-female encounters and relationships with the males, and the cause for this universality is due to the neuroendocrinological differences between men and women. (p.64)

Evidence indicates that women follow their own psychophysiological imperatives and that they would not choose to compete for the goal that men devote their lives to attaining. Women have more important things to do. Men are aware of this and that is why in this and every other society they look to women for gentleness, kindness and love, for refuge from the world of pain and force, from safety from their own excesses. In every society a basic male motivation is the feeling that women and children must be protected. But women cannot have it both ways: if she wishes to sacrifice all this, what she will get in return is the right to meet men on male terms. She will lose. (p.229)

Goldberg, Steven – Why Men Rule: A Theory of Male Dominance. Illinois: Open Court Publishing Company, 1993. Print.


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