The Dolphin Radio Show: Academia and Faux Intellectual Superiority

Hello and welcome to the Dolphin Radio Show. I’m your host, the porpoise with a purpose and a face for radio. Today’s show revolves around a subject I’ve been wanting to talk about for quite some time, and that is the faux intellectualism of academics and scholars with little to no real-world experience. It’s been said before that those who can not do teach, but more and more these days, it seems like those very same people who can not do are setting the standards not only for what their students learn, but the very rules of social cohesion, and …surprise surprise, they want a system built more around accommodating those who can not do. Joining me to discuss the faux intellectual superiority of academia is Sir Wolfie and Schmeckle and whoever else might join.

This episode of the dolphin radio show is brought to you by the pro-blow-matic 2017 automated falatio device – for male feminists stuck in the ally zone.

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