Swedish TV Program Shows Women In Charge & Men Are Trash – Even Robots Are Superior To Men.

I don’t expect you to watch the whole hour-long show, so here’s the main themes:

1. In the future robot-humans are created – called Hubots. “DAVID” – a robot-human hybrid upgrades his few hubots to human-level consciousness. These are “children of David.”

2. The normal hubots have taken most jobs and have replaced wives, husbands, prostitutes, pets, & children. “Real humans” have little contact with each other.

3. Women dominate – the Judge who awards “person-hood” to 2 FEMALE hubots is woman. The intro showing a sexy young woman and a fat man – the woman is a hubot and the man is her mangina-lover. He’s helping the hubots take-over and getting “sex” in return!

4. About 3 minutes in we see the mother in a suit and “Tobbe” the son as a cot-case in bed as his Japanese hubot girlfriend has a virus & is lying nearby. The husband isn’t working and now stays home to cook and clean for the wife who earns the money!

5. The male hubots are crazy – the one in the military gear is a psychopath, while most female hubots are so beautiful and clever, human males perfer them as wives.

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