Sweaty & Dirty Socks Male Domination

I don’t get what the fuck is so wrong with you! You’re just a little faggot bitch who does NOTHING but worship my feet! I am your fucking GOD. Tell me how much of a little faggot you are in the comments, human trash!

Male Feet Domination

You want my fucking used, dirty and smelly socks faggot?

1) Send the proper payement to my PayPal: paypal.me/realbenjaminreeves

2) Email me with screenshot proof of payment and your shipping address at: officialbenjaminreeves@gmail.com

3) Once I receive the email with proof of payment & shipping address, I will email back as confirmation and mail out my sock(s)


1 used sock = $30

2 used socks = $50

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Show me how much of a little faggot bitch you are by sending $$ to my paypal here:


Add me on Skype here:



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