Stupid Young Man Calls In To Argue About ‘The Bell Curve’ With Sam Seder

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In this Majority Report clip, a racist calls in to teach Sam a thing or two about brains.

“Next, Richwine actually goes to those heroes of modern racialism, Richard Herrnstein and Charles Murray, and their pseudoscientific 1994 book The Bell Curve. If you looked no further, you wouldn’t know that much of the research cited in that book was primarily supported by The Pioneer Fund, a reportedly neo-Nazi organization devoted to eugenics, whose founder, Wickliff Draper, was an advocate for sending American blacks back to Africa. You wouldn’t know that Charles Murray is revered only on the far-right fringe of social science; to many other scholars, he’s a crackpot who’s been blaming the poor, and egalitarian social policies towards the poor, for American social decline for decades. He also claims to have discovered a system for ranking innate creativity that is completely free of personal preference or cultural bias (a system that, according to him, proves that Beethoven was “objectively” more accomplished than Mozart; using this infallible system he found — surprise! — that virtually everything of importance in world history was accomplished by white European males). You wouldn’t know that the “science” of The Bell Curve has been thoroughly debunked by real biologists and social scientists, most notably here and here and here and here, but in many other venues and publications as well.”

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