Sperm and Egg Fertilization Video

In this video you are going to learn the processes and the development of the sperm and egg fertilization and the birth giving.

The race starts with the act of love. Tens of millions of spermatozoa rush ahead on a hunting trip that may eventually lead to a fateful encounter and a promise of new life. Only one can win. The rest will end their lives in a matter of days. In the marathon race to life there are no consolation prizes. Only one winner will merge with the ovum.

Our own sperm continue via wiggling its tails through the dangerous obstacle track, your own acidity with the vagina, your cervix, as well as the uterus. ones obstacles claim a lot of lives. your slow AS WELL AS weak give up. Others zero off track, lose direction, or even consider trapped. your current road separates straight into a couple of fallopian tubes, but there\’s an ovum waiting throughout single solitary of them. No single stamina AND talent count, the actual journey also requires numerous luck. Strong currents prevent your sperm via continuing forward. your follicles towards uterine wall capture many AND ALSO hold them back. Finally, with the end of a tunnel, like a mysterious star – the ovum. your own sperm attack will be merciless. a good sperm cell carries a good mysterious load: each can create a unique human being unlike just about any various other at the world. currently You will discover single about 100 sperm left competing for the ovum, but only single will certainly make It by the ovum’s protective layer. inside it is final efforts, single suddenly manages to penetrate. This can be your own winner. immediately after your own ovum will be pierced, It hardens AND ALSO becomes impermeable. to its rest of your sperm, your own journey features ended throughout failure.

For the winner, it is the beginning. It sheds its now unnecessary tail and load, and is free. The father’s genetic material merges with the mother’s. A new and unique cell is created: the fertilized ovum. At this moment, almost all of the future baby’s features are determined and fetal development begins.

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