Semen Analysis

Sperm fertilizes an egg to conceive a baby. The society earlier tended to blame women alone for infertility. Now technology has proved that men are just as responsible for infertility, if not more.


Examination of the semen involves determination of the semen amount, sperm morphology, and sperm motility

Liquefaction test

The semen sample is kept in incubator for at least 30 minutes in order to liquefy. The incubator is maintained at 370 C. Normally semen is produced as a coagulum. When semen falls drop by drop it is said to be normal. If semen does not trickle in drops it is abnormal.

Semen amount test

According to the World Health Organization, the normal semen volume is 2-5 ml.

Sperm Morphology test

It deals with the size, shape and appearance of the sperm. The characteristics should be assessed by carefully observing a stained sperm sample under the microscope.

Sperm Motility test

Sperm motility is the study of moving sperm in an ejaculated specimen.

Specific quantity of sample is taken and with the help of the microscope the sample is analyzed. Usually 20x magnification is used for counting purpose.

The sperm motility is classified into rapid progressive, slow progressive, non progressive and immobile.

Semen acid-base balance test (pH)

The pH of semen is measured by using a special paper blot that changes color according to the pH of the specimen.

The normal pH count ought to be between 7.6 and 8.

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