POWERFUL “I am” ALPHA MALE affirmations (All in one)

1. To loop, right click on the video screen and click “Loop”

2. Most effective while in meditative or sleeping state

3. Most effective with headphones or earphones

4. Listen daily, as frequently as possible

5. Try not to play in overly-high volume

All affirmations are written in this constantly searching and searching for that perfect affirmation video, I was unable to come across one video that had adequately specific affirmations or the affirmations I wanted. So, I created my own audio that includes everything I want.

I personally use this audio for my own benefit and I’ve decided to publish it for others who have the same issue and want similar affirmations. Also, real human voices are much more effective than the robot voices in most other affirmation audios.

These affirmations are effective. They are not too general. They work. You will see changes. Why don’t you give it a shot for a week? Just simply play it while you are sleeping and see if it works, if you are doubtful. You’ve got nothing to lose. If it works, then you got everything to reap.

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