Lady LaSSarus – Pro White is Pro Woman. Feminism is Anti-White – Radio 3Fourteen

Lady LaSSarus is a traditionalist, wife and aspiring mother from the deep mountain South who wishes to unite the ladies of the Traditionalist/Alt-Right movement. She is opposed to feminism, Cultural Marxism, and Critical Theory.

Lady LaSSarus joins us for a discussion about feminism, women’s matters, and the Alt-Right. We begin with a look into her awakening to the cultural Marxist slant on race issues in the US, which was brought to light through working with Chicago’s south side public school system. Lady LaSSarus gives her views on Trump and the great traction he is receiving as Americans fed up with the crumbling economy and degradation caused by never-ending 3rd world immigration are finally taking a stand. We look at some liberal misconceptions about the viability of multiculturalism and upholding European ideals that are centered on homogeneous, high-trust societies. We also touch on the growing movement of women in the Alt-Right scene and how we can bring more traditionalist-minded females into the fold. We consider how sly feminist programming has created several generations of misguided mothers who have naïvely subjected their daughters to anti-woman and anti-White conditioning, and we delve into ways to reestablish the natural balance of male/female relationships and inspire true veneration of motherhood. Lady LaSSarus shares the steps she has taken to get back to a more Eurocentric way of life and gives inspiring examples of this budding trend. At the end, we lay out some guidelines for connecting with likeminded individuals and tips for men to attract a great Alt-Right soul mate.

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