I’m a racist, elitist, white, cis, hetero male! Answering hate comments. [Top Hats and Potato Pole}

In this video, Potato Pole does what Potato Pole does best. Here, have some hate comments:


George Abraham

You, Mr. White Man, have no right to comment on black liberation movements/expect to be taken seriously. You are trivializing

the violence that is done to entire groups of people (primarily women of color), and hence are an active danger/detriment to

society. You have no right to make any of these comments, as you are A CISHET WHITE MAN, and you do not understand the lived

experiences of people (esp women and nonbinary people) of color in america. Furthermore, you misgendered one of the poets; the

one on the left goes by “they,” not “she.” You probably don’t care, because you’ve clearly outed yourself as a man who promotes

violence against women and gender queer people from the get go. Also, as a what 50-something year old man, don’t you have anything

better to do with your time than bully well-meaning teenagers online? Don’t you have better things to do than push back on art

that challenges you and makes you uncomfortable? I sure hope you do, otherwise you are a sad, sad waste of a human being, and I

would consider completely reevaluating your life decisions. Grow the fuck up, get educated on issues of racial and gender based

inequality, and stop being a waste of time and space.

Wade Dewell

thac is a pc elitest douchebag who goes out of his way to insult and put down anyone who owns a console. hes a bully and a scumcunt

FUCK HIM. he considers himself sophisticated and cultured and really hes just a piece of shit behind the camera who likes to insult

people anonymously! the elitist asshole talked a bunch of shit against me when i said i owned a xbox one. the piece of shit wouldnt

even let me finish saying i had a pc before jumping down my throat. once he learned of my pc specs he proceded to further insult my

specs making fun of my financial status. this cum guzzling bastard thac is the ultimate nose on the air pinky up douchebag. its not

my fault the worlds economy is in the toilet being manipulated by corporations & bankers. its not my fault the west has moved most

of their non fastfood jobs all to mexico and china leaving me with little options. ive been looking for work for more then 2 years

on welfare, the work situation is that bad. sure id love to invest in high quality pc components like you all but i cant do that

until i have a better income. thac further bragged about how he can afford all these beastly pc parts like a titan graphics card etc

and made fun of me for being poor which i cant help. thac is a perfect example of what is bringing down the gaming community overall.

between fanboys and elitest assholes ruining gaming its no wonder outsiders see gaming as a very negative toxic hostile place. fringy

you actually endorse this douchebag? so i take it you are a pc elitest asshole that looks down on angone who owns a console and likes

to make fun of their financial hardship


Cool Cutey

why the fuck do you use audio clips of men saying “allahu ackbar” with video clips of explosions you asshole trying to fucking push a

stereotype you idiot? Sorry for the language, it just really pissed me off. other than that i liked the clip other than the extreme

facial expressions and the assumption that if something that they upload is incorrect everything that they upload is incorrect. i

didn’t like this video, watch much of it or believe it because you can obviously see when watching the video they have edited the

clips very specifically. btw i am expecting a response you asshole for the fuckery of arabic sound clips purposefully paired with

explosion videoclips cause i feel like you’re trying to send a subconscious message with it. if you want to say something spit it

out mate


Phazon Souffle

The very definition of a man-child. Unwilling to accept the responsibility of an adult to reproduce and sustain the existence of human

kind. It’s your fault Muslim immigrants are destroying our society. Our governments would not be so obsessed with bringing in migrant

workers if we were able to maintain our own work force. But no, let’s just live our lives in perpetual indulgence. Let’s just drink

all night and talk about video games because there is no afterlife and it doesn’t matter what happens once we’re gone. You are an

immigrant after all, you’re just out to get the best deal for yourself where ever that may be.

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