How To Be An Alpha Male: Top 7 Alpha Male Traits

“How To Be An Alpha Male: Top Alpha Male Traits”

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Do you exhibit character traits that attract or repel women?

Your traits are what women see, and what they unconsciously use to compare you to other men.

The man who exhibits the traits that I describe in this video is who she will mate with.

Here are the top 7 alpha male traits.

1. Driven, passionate, and ambitious; he knows what he wants, and is going for it [0:56].

2. In control; he’s not controlled by his emotions, doesn’t complain, and finds solutions [1:20].

3. Takes control; he makes plans, makes the first move, and carves his own path [1:45].

4. Dominant body language; he talks slow, stands upright, and makes eye contact [2:16].

5. Not afraid to face his fears; he gets over failure quickly, and doesn’t make excuses [2:37].

6. Doesn’t care what others think; he doesn’t need the validation of others to feel good [3:05].

7. Leaves a positive impression on others by helping those in need. He’s a giver [3:29].


When you go for what you want in life, act based on your values, take control of situations, display confident body language, stop caring about what others think and start helping people, then you will be displaying the traits of an alpha male, and women will be much more attracted to you.

Being an alpha male is about you living your life your way and nobody else’s, especially hers.

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