How To Be An Alpha Male | Ten Traits of the Modern Day Alpha

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Back in 2006, Alpha started his image consulting company. He chose the name ‘alpha m.’ because it was less in-your-face macho & obvious than Alpha Male and had a much better ring than King of the Jungle!

The comments in the YouTube point out that Aaron Marino of alpha m. is not an alpha male: height, high pitched voice, earrings, and the list goes on and one. He ‘gets it’ because historically an alpha male is powerful in their presence and personality. In the modern day, however, all of us can be alpha men.

Alpha is constantly thinking what it means to be a man in today’s world. The men that will get ahead in today’s world are Renaissance men- the leaders. They are good at a lot of things and strive for self improvement. These are the characteristics:

Ten Personality Traits of the Modern Day Alpha Male:

1. Pride in yourself and everything you do

2. Self esteem – respecting yourself and not putting yourself in compromising situations

3. Loyalty – people, obligations, and to your word

4. Compassion – thinking about the world outside of yourself and taking action

5. Respect – you don’t have to agree with people all the time but you can respect their opinion as well as respect them as a person and human

6. Motivation – intrinsically and extrinsically motivated to move forward

7. Passion – something burning deep inside

8. Honesty – live up to your word

9. Courage – the ability to do something that scares you

10. Confidence – doesn’t mean you are good or proficient at everything but that’s okay

We don’t have to big, tall, strong, or domineering. We DO have to be in touch with who we are: strive to be better, be Renaissance men, live with passion, purpose, and confidence. Unlock the alpha male in yourself by embracing these ten principles.

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