How the New Neurosexism Helps Sustain the Status Quo by Dr Cordelia Fine

Dr Cordelia Fine presented her fascinating and occasionally humorous lecture on ‘How the New Neurosexism Helps Sustain the Status Quo: Charting the Journey from Scanner to Sound Bite to Society’, at Curtin University on 11th November 2011, as part of the Clare Burton Memorial Lecture.

Dr Fine will show how stereotypes created in the name of science have influenced attitudes and behaviour in the workplace in self-fulfilling ways and how they still interfere with our trajectory towards real equality. Do not miss this revealing and intriguing examination of yet another subtle barrier to women’s rightful equality.

It is hard to believe but gender biased notions of male ‘superiority’ and other forms of sexual inequality may still be deriving their power from scurrilous claims that science proves that women are inferior – otherwise known as ‘neurosexism’.

Dr Cordelia Fine, Associate Professor, Centre for Ethical Leadership, University of Melbourne educated at Oxford and Cambridge Universities, and now an expert psychologist, neuroscientist and highly successful author, puts it this way:

For as long as there has been brain science there have been misguided explanations and justifications of sex inequality: women’s skulls are the wrong shape; their brains too small; their hemispheres too unspecialized. These hypotheses are eventually hurled on the scientific scrap heap – but not before they become part of cultural lore, and reinforce social attitudes about men and women in ways that hinder progress towards greater sex equality.


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