How (Not) To Make A Swineapple – The Brothers Leet

Right i should probably point out that this video was recorded at 2 in the morning after drinking nearly 3 bottles of wine.

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The brothers leet are two brothers (matt and pete) from Wisbech / March in Cambridgeshire, which is located dangerously close to Norfolk which explains why we sound like farmers.

Believe it or not we both work as professional chefs, and have done for about ten years.

The cook off came about years ago as a way for us to come up with a few new ideas for work, but just like most chefs our very few days off usually start and end with a few too many drinks, and so the drunken cook off was born.

We have only recently started to record what do, initially just so we could remember what the mess in the fridge is the next day.


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