How Do You Become More Alpha?

What is alpha? What are the traits that lead to becoming recognised as an alpha vs. a beta?

Here are my top reading resources I mention in the video:

The Rational Male:

Bachelor Pad Economics:

The Way of Men:

STRENGTH – Physical traits, presence, and the ability to protect and provide for your tribe.

COURAGE – The ability to do something that frightens you – strength in the face of pain/grief

MASTERY – World class at what you do

HONOUR – Held with great regard or respect – One who’s worth brings respect/fame

You are not alpha because of your achievements. Your achievements come to you because you are alpha

Strength. Courage. Mastery. Honour.

Other men want to be you – women want be with you – you are treated as an older brother

The Cory Worthington interview is at the end

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