Guided Meditation Sexual Performance Anxiety & Erectile Dysfunction

In this video description I am going to be blunt. The average mouthpiece doesn’t know shit about human anatomy, let alone the etiology of Erectile Dysfunction and Sexual Performance Anxiety. Individuals purport themselves to be worthy of proffering advice without the time spent actually working with individuals experiencing these symptoms and without performing actual research.

In this video, I go into great length to impart wisdom upon you, the man suffering from ED and performance anxiety. With this understanding, you will see a clear path to the resolution of your symptoms. That said, there is no man on earth that can achieve an erection at the snap of his fingers. If you want to understand the problem and heal from it, then this is your source. The guided meditation is a powerful tool used to calm you mind, in addition to somatic quieting. Relax and take a deep breath, Relationship Teacher will handle the rest.

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