Get SIX PACK ABS by Summer (The alpha m. 6 Pack Plan)

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Keep in mind that everyone has abs – the problem is that many people have them buried under fat. You have to reduce the body fat but also develop them by working out. You make deeper separations, and the deeper the separations means a greater amount of fat can be retained while still having abs show.

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Alpha’s Summer Abs Plan | PART ONE

Alpha invites you to join him for the next 8 weeks – you will look better than ever if you follow through. He’s excited, and he hopes you join him!

During the next two weeks, KEEP A DIET JOURNAL everything your eating, the time, and quantity (along with calories). After two weeks, a new video for this series will be published. Muscle building and the diet aspect will be discussed further. Also take a BEFORE PICTURE. He’s currently 155 pounds. He wants to get down to 145 pound, but that depends on the amount of muscle Alpha adds.

1. WORKOUT Alpha’s abs workout is a 7 exercise super set (click the special link). Do the circuit 3 times, 3 times per week with a day skipped between.

2. CARDIO Perform fasted cardio every day, 7 days a week. Do what you can if you never have done cardio. You can do it later in the day if you can’t do it in the morning. And if you can’t do fasted cardio, maximize the results by waiting 3 hours after eating.

3. SUPPLEMENTS Take these two products before cardio (1) Quadracarn (2) CLA. Both can be found via the special link. For the other supplements that are important, check out Alpha’s TOP 10 Supplements to Build a Better Body


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