German Soldier respects Second Amendment, he can’t carry in Germany, and Christmas Giveaway

Subscribe: us on Facebook: us on Twitter: a year ago, we attended an event where we met a lot of great people (Sootch00 was one of them), shot some Kalashnikovs and had a great time. We met Stephan, a member of the German Military and he explained how he much he respects the Second Amendment and wishes they had something similar in Germany, as he is unable to get approved for a concealed carry permit in his home country, despite actively serving in the Military there and being a law abiding citizen. He enjoys shooting ARs in addition to all of the German-made firearms he uses in the Military. We support our friends and neighbors all around the world in their fight for the right to self defense. No Government has the right to tell the people that it serves that they cannot be armed.


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