Fearless Badass Alpha Male – Be An Epic Badass Super-Charged Affirmations


The theory (we believe it is much more than just a theory!) is that when you first start saying your positive affirmations, they may not be true, but with repetition they sink into your subconscious mind, you really start to believe them, and eventually they become your reality, they become a self fulfilling prophecy and actually become true.

Over time they overwrite any limiting or negative beliefs you may have about yourself or about not being able to do something, and replace them with positive thoughts and beliefs which instill confidence, belief, positivity, ambition and much more.

As you listen to these affirmations, you will find yourself feeling more positive than before the video began.

Hope this video inspires and motivates you to take action. 🙂

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I am courageous.

I am brave.

I am fearless.

I always stand up for myself.

I am developing courage.

I am ready for anything that comes my way.

I am strong and full of courage.

I push through my fear and do it anyway.

I am courageous when others are scared.

My courage helps to inspire others.

I am naturally courageous.

Courage comes easily to me.

I always find a way to call forth courage when I need it.

I am the kind of person who feels fear but does it anyway.

Being brave comes naturally to me.

Developing courage is something I just know I can do.

Being strong in the face of adversity is one of my best traits.

Others look to me for leadership at difficult times.

Standing up for myself is something I just naturally do.

It is important that I become a courageous person.

I am an epic badass.


I have the courage to take my own path.

i am confident i am fearless i am bold

I am a student of my own soul and search deeply for my real truths.

I am NEVER alone.

I know that courage comes from doing, so I take action without delay.

I am not afraid to go places alone.

I am naturally fearless.

I fear no human.

I naturally take risks.

I enjoy exploring the unknown.

I love learning new things.

I love trying new things.

I love exploring new things.

I always try new things.

I am incredibly brave.

I have massive courage.

I have massive social courage.

I have unlimited courage.

my bravery is huge.

I have massive amounts of bravery.

I love taking decisive action.

I love taking quick action.

I always take bold action.

I love taking bold action.

Taking action is exciting.

taking bold action is thrilling.

I live to be bold.

boldness is my strength.

Courage is in my blood.

courage is in my DNA.

courage is who I am.

I love the unknown.

All experiences in my life nurture and support me.

As I challenge my fears, I am strengthened & empowered.

As I challenge my fears, I release my need to dwell on them.

Being fearless is one of the top priorities in my life, and I practice this feeling every day.

Every day a bravely expand my comfort zone.

Everything in my life is safe and secure.

Facing my fears empowers me to rise above them.

Fear is nothing more than an emotion I allow myself to feel.

I accept and love my fear, and then I let it go.

I accept that fear is just a feeling which will subside as I move forward.

I accept that most of my fears only exist in a fictitious future that I have created in my imagination.

My faith in myself lifts me high above any fear.

My desire is so strong that all fears become insignificant.

My dreams are much greater than my fears.

My mind is too full of optimism to harbor worries and fears.

Now that I have conquered my fear, I absolutely love flying!

The better I understand my fears, the weaker they become.

The more I face my fears, the weaker they become.

The universe protects me at all times.

Today I give myself permission to be greater than my fears.

Today I give myself permission to surpass my fears.

Today I release all fears and doubts.

When I connect with the well of peace that lies within, I find the courage to do anything.

When I feel afraid, I count to five and the fear disappears.

With every breath I take, I am more and more daring.

I act in spite of the fear and the fear fades away.

I allow the courage of my heart to dissolve any fears I experience.

I always act in spite of any fears I may have.

I always take positive action in the face of fear.

I am always eager to try new things.

I am conquering my trepidations daily.

I am daring in all that I do.

I am fearless at all times.

I am fearless in all that I do.

I am finally free from all disempowering fears and doubts.

I am in complete control and have nothing to fear.

I am in complete control of my thoughts and feelings.

I am in control of which life experiences I accept.

I am now free from all fear and worry.


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