Drive Women Crazy With Your Alpha Male Mindset: Subliminal Messages to Become an Alpha Male

If you want to drive women crazy about your charisma, all you need to do is to become an alpha male. And this subliminal recording will help you with this.

It contains subliminal affirmations that make you irresistible to women of all ages. Subliminal messages can help you to improve low self esteem, approach women without shyness and anxiety, talk to girls with confidence and much more.

This subliminal recording works best when combined with our previous session (see the link at the bottom of this description).


This recording contains audio subliminal messages, so it is very effective when you use it for sleep hypnosis. Start this session before you go to sleep, and your subconscious mind will accept everything.

You can also use it while you’re working, surfing the web, playing games, meditating, etc.

Just use it on a daily basis and you should see results in a month or so. You will notice that you are attracting beautiful women and that they absolutely love to talk to you and to touch you. After you notice that, you can begin approaching hot women. The results will surprise you – you will notice that you’re irresistible.

If you want to combine this subliminal session with the previous one, here’s the link to our previous video:


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