Did We Lose the 2nd Amendment Yesterday ?? Anti-Gun Supreme Court

Our Supreme Court decided NOT to rule on two IMPORTANT 2A cases yesterday (Cyber Monday)

the Supreme Court anti 2nd Amendment decisions on Cyber Monday let stand the Fourth Circuit’s holding in Kolbe v. Hogan that says semi-automatic rifles are not constitutionally protected “arms,”

So, in doing so, the anti gun Supreme Court declared the Second Amendment guarantees only a second-class right

Eric Friday, who represented gun owners in the Florida case, said he thought the court’s Second Amendment supporters were making a strategic decision in refusing to hear the cases, keeping their powder dry for later, when they may have more support on the high court.

Supreme Court Second Amendment support is not evident woth this anti 2nd Amendment ruling

These 2 supreme court second amendment rulings are anti-gun and against the second amendment

We will talk about it on the Daily Gun Show



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