Cuck – short for cuckservative, from the word “cuckold”. kind of like a white version of an uncle tom. used against white men who believe in feminism and white privilege

Regressive Left – counter to the term “progressive”. an idea that liberals are becoming tolerant of bad ideas in order to be politically correct

virtue signaling – the idea that people say things to appear righteous or smart, not because they actually believe it

social justice warrior – general term for people who engage in SJ topics. often used to describe people who get offended easily

friend zone – used to describe a state of unrequited affection towards a woman. often used in an accusatory way

feminazi – a radcial feminist, but sometimes used to describe all feminists

AFC/Beta – average frustrated chump. a man who should be getting sex and romance but doesn’t (because of feminism, often)

bluepill/redpill – The Matrix analogy. bluepills people that are “plugged in” to the narrative of gender equality. redpills are “awake” and understand the flaws in feminist thinking.

egalitarian – worldview that all people are equal and should be treated as such. often used as a counter to feminism, saying that feminism is not needed

NAWALT/NAFALT – Not All Women (Feminists) Are Like That. Mens groups use this term as a tongue in cheek way to dismiss the women who make this argument.


neckbeard – general term for socially inept men, now used often to describe anti-feminist men

tone-policing – basically the idea that arguments would go over better if they aren’t presented angrily. people are accused of tone-policing often when they point out that someone is being combative

problematic – very broad term to describe anything that seems to be socially unjust

dudebro – term to describe “macho guys” who believe in male superiority

privilege – the idea that some groups have inherent advantages in society. people are often told to “check their privilege” when they make arguments

trigger – something, usually an idea or piece of media that causes offense or discomfort, or prompts a ptsd response. people with triggers often request “trigger warnings”

internalized misogyny – the idea that some women propogate sexism by enforcing sexist attitudes towards themselves and other women. often used against women with traditional gender values.

appropriation – a person adopting styles/behaviors/fashion/etc of a group that they are not a part of. this is considered “problematic” by some

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