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Generate your own internal imagery. Make the images big, bright and colourful. When the affirmations begin to repeat, step into those images! Remember that the mind often cannot tell the difference between what is real or imagined, which explains why when you imagine a nice juicy burger with ketchup, your mouth begins to salivate!


Words are powerful. The language we use helps define the way in which we view the world. By using negative language we attract negative experiences, and by using positive self affirming statements, we begin to act in accordance with those and achieve better, more satisfying results. We undoubtedly have years of negative conditioning to undo, a framework put in place by the use of negative language to label, and subsequently take ownership of certain past experiences.

We’re leaving all that behind now, and focusing on the use of positive language from now on. This means taking responsibility for the way you talk to yourself, and to nip any negative self talk in the bud. Language is truly magical and can revolutionize your life. By using this tool, you can reprogramme your subconscious to act in accordance with your will.

The term ‘alpha male’ does not allude to the media portrayed image of the rude, obnoxious and arrogant character. To me it means having strong self-belief; to be responsible, confident and self sufficient, and to have pride in oneself while still retaining a sense of humility.

This audio uses a 0.5hz isochronic tone (delta) with a carrier of 100hz to create a deep hypnotic state of consciousness in which the affirmations can take root. Within the background is a pure sine wave, mainly just for ambience.

Listen while sitting or lying down (preferably lying). Use headphones for best results! Listen for a month or so and try to repeat some of the affirmations to yourself throughout your day until ‘conscious competence’ is achieved, i.e. the new beliefs become ingrained into your very being.

Benefits of using these positive affirmations: develop inner game, naturally attract women, develop self confidence, unlearn negative conditioning, approach women with ease

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