Alpha Male Mindset | Subliminal Hypnosis Affirmations

Become the alpha male and boost your confidence, social skills, magnetism, and attract beautiful women. This subliminal hypnosis session provides deeply hypnotic binaural beats music embedded with powerful positive affirmations to get your subconscious mind aligned with your conscious goals.

Alpha Male Mindset Hypnosis Affirmations


I am confident to be myself.

I am totally secure in myself.

Women are drawn to me.

I can take charge in any social situation.

My masculinity allows women to feel more feminine.

I am the leader of my group.

Women are naturally attracted to me.

Confidence is my birthright.

I feel dominant.

I enjoy starting conversations.

People respect my opinion.

Women enjoy my company.

Being with me is the best possible choice a woman can make.

I am powerful.

Women are attracted to me.

I am always relaxed and focused.

I am extremely attractive to women.

I make women feel safe and secure.

Others are drawn to my magnetic confidence.

All women are naturally attracted to me.

I always say what is on my mind.

I enjoy being the leader in social situations.

I speak with authority.

People see me as a person of high value.

I am assertive and powerful.

I enjoy socializing.

Women are naturally attracted to my confidence.

I stay positive at all times.

Being assertive and dominant comes naturally to me.

People listen to me when I talk.

Others see me as powerful and self assured.

Others look up to my strength of character.

I am magnetic.

I am assertive.

I love being the leader.

I become more confident every day.


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