A Taste of Male Domination

This short film was created to accompany an ethics assignment earlier this year about the biblical Eve, the “flaws” in her story and whether similar immoralities still exist.

The “story” of Adam and Eve has been juxtaposed with misogynistic and degrading news reports and audios to symbolise the ever-presence of male domination in our world (past and present).

The black and white tone in the beginning symbolises the innocence and lack of knowledge (of good and evil) in the world before Adam and Eve ate from from the forbidden fruit. The colour that then seeps in portrays the ‘opening of their eyes to “right and wrong”‘.

Directed/Created/Cinematography/Editing – Bronte Mahoney

Adam – Rhody WIlson

Eve – Mintie Moynihan

Disclaimer: All footage and audio of news articles and reports is not mine – they belong to the original YouTube channels, respectively.

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