10/25/2017 Unlawful Arrest While Conducting a 1st and 2nd Amendment Audit

I was detained on 10/25/2017 for suspicion of attempted murder. I was not charged for attempted murder, but my firearm was impounded and clothing seized by Crime Scene Investigation. I was unlawfully arrested for obstruction of a peace officer while lawfully complying under N.R.S. 171.123 and Hiibel v. Sixth Judicial District Court of Nevada. A previous threat of an obstruction charge was given on 10/22/2017. I filed a complaint 10/24/2017 with internal affairs. This retaliation arrest happened the very next day. The department of this injustice is Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department CCAC at 750 Sierra Vista Drive, Las Vegas, Nevada 89169. Phone number 702-828-6430.


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